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With this complication, Lange is launching a tourbilon watch equipped with a fus?e and chain transmission combined with a split-seconds chronograph. This enables enhanced precision, since the fus?e and chain transmission compensates for the physical law holding that the mainspring of a mechanical watch does not have the same torque when it is fully wound as when it is approaching the state of complete unwinding. Due to a drop in the energy transmitted during this final phase, the rate of the watch may be less regular. This is why the barrel and the fus?e of the Tourbograph are linked by a slender chain (comprising 600 components in itself). When the watch is wound by the crown, the chain thus winds around the cone-shaped fus?e and tautens the barrel-spring. The motive power of the spring is thus transmitted with constant force to the movement via the fus?e. Limited series of 50 in gold and 51 in platinum.
Watch type: Complicated Mechanical
Watch year: 2006

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