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PRS516 Retrograde

This chronograph, which has already received an enthusiastic welcome among the public, is equipped in this particular model with an exclusive retrograde movement. In the centre, a direct-drive seconds hand starts from 9 oclock and turns counter-clockwise for 30 seconds, after which the totalizer at 2 oclock moves one notch forward to indicate that the 30 first seconds have elapsed, repeating the operation ten times in order to reach five minutes. After this time, the totalizer at 10 oclock also moves one notch forward to indicate that five minutes have elapsed, also repeating the process up to 60 minutes. After two hours, the chronograph functions stops and returns to zero. The bezel carries a tachometric scale. The black and yellow leather strap matching the dial and its functions, is fitted with a folding clasp. Also available with steel bracelet and butterfly clasp. Water-resistant to 50 metres.
Watch type: Quartz Chronographs
Watch year: 2006

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