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Chronomaster Open Retrograde

Connoisseurs are already fully aware of the performances of the El Primero movement and its harmonic plates capable of absorbing vibrations from a high-speed calibre. In this model, Zenith has enriched it with an instant-jump retrograde date display. Within this system, at midnight on the last day of the month, the hand returns to is point of departure in seven thousandths of a second, a movement that can barely be captured by the naked eye. In terms of design, this watch focuses on an asymmetrical display of the dial elements, with the characteristic opening of the aptly named Open models counterbalanced by the power-reserve and retrograde date indications, both in brown gold against a silvery guilloch? dial base. The pink gold case, available in two sizes, and the black crocodile leather strap, create an even more precious overall effect.
Watch type: Mechanical Chronographs
Watch year: 2006

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