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Aeternitas Quantieme perpeuel seculaire

Interpreted in four different versions, the Aeternitas movement is basically a Curvex-shaped movement with automatic winding via a microrotor located at 6 oclock and visible through the case-back. This movement is equipped with four barrels, guaranteeing a power reserve of approximately eight days and equipped with a large tourbillon with a free-sprung platinum balance with adjusting screws. The upper tourbillon bridge is composed of the letters F and M in a refined script. The originality of the version presented here lies in the fact of being able to take account of the Gregorian calendar rule which holds that all the century years not divisible by 400 are considered as non leap years. This calendar follows a 1000-year cycle thanks to two additional gear-trains, one comprising a ten-year wheel, a 100-year wheel and a 1000-year wheel; and the other designed for adjustment and suppression of the leap years. The other functions show the retrograde date at 12 oclock, the day, the 24-hour day and night cycle, and the normal leap-year cycle. In the lower part of the dial, two time zones with a 24-hour hand are located on either side of the tourbillon. The years are displayed through a triple-digit aperture from 0 to 999, between the tourbillon and the dial centre. A moon phase is displayed with extreme accuracy.
Watch type: Complicated Mechanical
Watch year: 2006

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